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Cheststall – freestyle football skills

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Cheststall is another upperbody trick you need to master for next level

Sole Juggles – freestyle football skill

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Solejuggles is part of sits and gives you alot of new opportunities

Heel Juggles – freestyle football skill

364 Views Comments

Heel juggles is very difficult to master, but its worth learning if you want real freestyle skills

Ronaldinho flickup – Freestyle football skill

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When it comes to freestyle, forget Messi and Ronaldo. Its Ronaldinho that is the trickmaster amoung pro football players

Azun Freestyle Football Show

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My name i Azun and I’m a former world champion in Freestyle football. I live and breathe football and through this YouTube channel I want to inspire you to challenge

Hop the World – HTW – Freestyle football skill

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Htw is one of the basic lower tricks. It looks very stylish and its important for next level

Crossover- freestyle football skill.

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Crossover is a basic trick in freestyle football. The movement is important to learn if you want to get to the next level

Slap the world – freestyle football skill

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The trick "Slap" is a basic trick in the blocking style. Very stylish trick that isnt too hard to learn.

Around the Moon – ATM – freestyle football skill

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You can also do around the world with your head. From earth we are looking up at the moon and thats why this trick is named Around The Moon.

Neckstall – freestyle football skill

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With the neckstall i teach you how to land a ball on your neck.

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