Beginner Tips on How to Start and Learn Freestyle Soccer Tricks

Whether you are just beginning to freestyle or have been involved with football freestyle for years, these tips can help. This is an easy guide to start and learn football freestyle. Please note, nothing in freestyle soccer is set in stone. That being said, all these are high recommendations to maximize control from the very beginning in order to make learning freestyle soccer easier.

Freestyle Soccer Tricks – Lower Body Moves

– Juggle with both feet, 1 juggle per foot in a row
– Use shoes
– Be able to juggle at least 70-100 on first attempt
– Learn ATW with both feet* and both directions(clockwise and anticlockwise)
– Learn HATW, HTW and crossover with both feet*

Freestyle Soccer Tricks – Sit Down Moves

– Juggle to with each feet
– 50-70 on juggles on first attempt
– Learn crossovers, x-overs with both feet

Freestyle Soccer Tricks – Upper Body Moves

– Headstall
– Side head stall both sides
– Neck stall
– Shoulder stall with both shoulders

Optional, but Highly Recommended General Tips

– Set achievable goals for yourself (e.g. I can already do ATW-ATW, I’ll go for ATW-ATW-HTW).
– Train sits in the corner of a room. This will allow you to stop needing to get up and fetch the ball every time you stuff up.
– Train using reps to enhance your consistency (e.g. try to land the same combo/move 5 times before moving on).
– Positive thinking is always good, it take a lot of time to get be able to achieve even the simplest of combos.
– Keep yourself hydrated to maximize your training sessions. A small sip of water regularly keeps me hydrated.
– Stretching before and after will help you have less injuries and benefit your training sessions.