Beyond Football

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Hey guys! In this episode i show some of the shoes iv been using for football tricks. I also talk about my football boot collection. Let me know what you want

Baruzdin WPSC9 TOP9 | Sitting Freestyle Football

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as good as Neymar Jr.

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Hey guys! Here is another vlog from a typical day in my life as a pro freestyler. In this episode i also try a rematch against Matias Riksheim aka Triksheim.

Welcome to Cyprus – Dawid Krzyżowski

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Video from last year. I miss summer and decided to made a souvenir. Hope u enjoy!

Mikolaj – I love NY

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Mikolaj's new freestyle soccer video from NYC.

Zegan – Sunny Day

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One long freestyle combo by Zegan... over a minute of freestyle soccer without a drop.

JK Soccer Art

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JK shows off some wonderful soccer tricks through a beautifully edited video in rain.

Daniel Scenery – Training for World Finals

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A great video detailing how Dan the Man prepares for the top world competitions.

World’s Best Football Freestylers

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A compilation video of the best freestyle footballers.

Turlakov | Insane New Freestyle

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Insane new video by Turlakov.  Some really unique freestyle moves in this video; crazy upper and lowers.