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Tatsulow Tutorial by Gautier

5.75K Views Comments

Gautier shows how to properly start the Tatsulow freestyle soccer move.  Although it's in French, the slow replays and high quality video should get you started nicely.

Séan Panna – S3 Street Soccer

4.56K Views Comments

Freestyle soccer video by Sean doing some pannas.

Séan Garnier Vs Ricardinho (Best Futsal Player)

4.08K Views Comments

Sean Garnier goes at it with Ricardinho in this freestyle/street soccer clip.

Gautivity Freestyle and Gymnast – Live Performance

3.77K Views Comments

An awesome live performance by Gautier and a gymnast.  Very fluid and well played live performance.

Gautier Tutorial

3.34K Views Comments

The video is in french but you can still lean the basics of this move by watching.

Séan Freestyle with Lucas Moura & Leonardo

2.95K Views Comments

Freestyle soccer video of Sean freestyling with Lucas Moura and Leonardo.

F3WT London 2013 Top 16 – Luki vs Gautier

2.56K Views Comments

Lukie battles it out against Gautier for the top 16 at the F3 World Tour event in London.

Gautier Freestyle Football

2.50K Views Comments

Freestyle football video of Gautier.

Freestyle Football | Couronne by Gautivity

2.36K Views Comments

Freestyle football video of Gautivity.

Gautivity | Best Show @ French Championship

2.33K Views Comments

Freestyle football video of Gautivity at French Championship.

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